The Greyson Nation 8-29: Stagnation and Defeat

Ever had a situation where everything was just going fine, you let go and took a big long break, but you knew in the back of your head something was wrong, but ignored it? This is what happened to our country around 2008-2009 and to my beloved LA Angels around late 2009. Let’s compare.

Around late 2006, everything was OK, we built up an empire and we stood victorious for a while with no real big effort. We kept taking advantage of the situation and stopped thinking. Then, something creeped up on us. It is the invisible opponent we always face and he/she started to wreak havoc. We were giving up our Congress, bad regulations came into play and everybody just let the triad (read for detail) take over. Then, we thought we had a quick fix with more bad stuff in Obama etc. Guess what? Our lead is in the toilet as a country. A little bit of carelessness now causes TONS of damage later.

Now, for my Angels. In 2009, we let go of almost every player that made the team great. Vlad-gone, Lackey-gone, Gary Matthews-Gone (maybe good riddance) But, the fans were so confident (myself included at one point) in the restructured team and you look at the standings now. We had a big, weird injury scenario with Kendry Morales that has only caught up to us now. I’m scared. About both situations. But, there are similar solutions to both.

One involved reckless endangerment at the voting booth, the other in the media and front office of a team. But both were most likely due to a lack of proper thought, reasoning and the latter perhaps due to a lack of funds. So, what do we do? Next time around, pay more attention to your lead and treat it like gold! Always be improving, never stagnate. If you go to a state of multiplying a positive and negative (being Ok and contempt), you will be a negative! But you might be forced into a negative-negative OR you can stay a positive-positive by ADDING something good in the first place. Either you’re getting better or worse. I see a big win in the future for both our situations if we stay alert and ready to seize opportunity.

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Greyson Peltier


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