The Nudge, Friots, Healthier Choices and your pursuit of happiness

Cass Sunstein, the regulatory czar (or the most dangerous man in America, as Glenn Beck aptly states), believes we are “Homer Simpsons” and we can’t make choices on our own. But, instead of prohibiting actions (IE eating french fries), he tries to make it harder to get things that the government thinks we cannot handle. Then, you can get to prohibition and eventual rebellion. He has shifted from the commissioner role to the coach role, while maintaining the opponent role. I do not think that healthier food is a bad thing AT ALL (it’s actually quite good and can make you a champion in many ways) but if it is being pushed (or nudged) on you, rebellion will occur. Glenn Beck discussed this today and showed where this is all coming from, and though I agree wholeheartedly that the government should not have to intervene to get us to do anything, I still believe that healthier choices need to get to our mouth somehow, and we need to avoid the government seeing us as being incapable of choosing on our own. How? We, on our own, should realize our own scoreboard, so we don’t need to let these “coaches” belittle us.

First step in this process is giving a honest assessment of yourself. If you have ANY problem with anything in your life, physical, financial, emotional, intellectual, spiritual or what have you and I know you do (I know mine, I have at least 20), then write it down.

Then try to find solutions to these problems that are reasonable for you and set goals. Use your phone calendar or a paper calendar to track what you will do each day.If something seems insurmountable, remember that you are a part of a team. Well, Greyson, I don’t know anyone special. Think again. There are people around you all the time that can help. If you can’t think of any, look closer. We all as Americans are a team and we can harness each others talents and gifts to improve. LinkedIn in some ways applies this model to business by creating 1st, 2nd and 3rd level connections. I am a big fan of this.

Finally, help those on your team. Join good charity outlets and educational outlets that benefit your community and prevent government from taking control. Remember, we own the government and can change it. A great place to start is at your local 912 Project. There are tons of like minded individuals there that are committed to staying independent and winning the game for America.

This is a simple but freeing process that allows you to realize your own potential without government and help along your pursuit of happiness.

Just because something is being forced, doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad. They just have the wrong, and perhaps too extreme approach to the subject. We probably could realize better solutions on our own than the government, because their role is not to do such it is OURS. If they see that we are a strong force and we can take care of ourselves and be fair and equitable, they have no place to fit in. To see where we all went wrong read”stagnation and Defeat” on this blog. Getting healthier is great and I would love to recommend for that purpose. They have the healthy pizza, desserts and even sweet potato fries that will make you look and feel like a champion. Tell them Greyson sent you.

Trash Talk Tip: Visit to get you fired up to show who you are to Cass Sunstein! We don’t need you! You’re going to get us into riots over fries (get it, Friots), restrict our freedom and make us lose! Get Out Of Our House!

Until next time, keep winning the game for America.

My name is Greyson Peltier, your non-commissioning freedom minded coach and you are The Greyson Nation.


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