I need a sign, to let me know the Angels are still sane

On a positive note, Rex Hudler’s Wonder Dog Hour was AMAZING this weekend. On the same token, I heard for the first time that the Quakes are no longer the Angels minor league affiliate. As you may kno, the Quakes’ flagship is KSPA 1510 AM where ex-AM 830 hosts, like Michael Savage, Rusty Humphries and Dr. Bob Marshall get sent back to single A. The stuff that’s on 830 now is pure sports talk with the best being Roger Lodge, and the rest is the rest. And, NO Jeff Biggs in the offseason!

Long story made short, the Quakes are now a part of the Dodgers system and the Dodgers’ ex-affiliate, the 66ers, are now the Angels’ affiliate. Why does this matter? The 66ers flagship is KCAA 1050, which carries an eclectic mix of liberal and conservative talk. Ed Schultz, Don Imus, and Alex Jones are al part of the weekday lineup. I personally was “shocked” by today’s episode of Culture Shocks. This guy is a flaming liberal who believes that unions are a bigger part of society than businesses. Think about it this way: those that score the runs and strike out the opponent vs. those that complain because they are developing poorly (somewhat close to the Manny Ramirez type).

This kind of talk would work EXTREMELY well with Dodgers fans because they constantly complain about why we (the monkey-powered Angels) are better than they are generally. But, for the mind of true champions, complaining is inappropriate and especially spiting the system instead of your lack of fruition.

On the brighter side of KCAA (trying to follow the Rex Hudler approach), there is Alex Jones, Jay Boatman, Barb Stanton, Joyce Riley and a few others. However, the station’s management seems to despise conservative radio by saying that “other stations scare you by saying ‘savage’ but we just want to talk to you”. I will support the GOOD hosts on this station and call into and rant against those that are not, as I have done with Will Bruzzo on KLAA who was supposed to have a left vs. right debate show, that has become a left vs. every Angels fan who wants to “Win the game for America!”

Do you believe the Angels did this intentionally? Do they dislike conservatives to this degree? Was it done for business necessity, or was this even their choice? Roger Lodge and I are still friendly and I don’t see more trouble at AM 830, but I want your opinion right here in the comments section. Call me a 206.424.5190 if you want to talk to me about calling the bad shows.

Also: Is it OK for me to still listen to and appreciate KSPA?

Here’s the Playbook:

  • Listen to KCAA’s bad shows and call in if you have discontent with anything.
  • Mention baseball and The Greyson Nation if you can.
  • Oppose Will Bruzzo if he returns from his preemption grave.




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