KLAA Introducing Kevin Trudeau?

As you know, I have been following KCAA, the 66ers radio station very closely and just this past Saturday I spoke to Jay Boatman and Nick Anthony, their Saturday morning show hosts on the show. Nick used to do a show on KCAA with AM 830’s Howard Drescher which I found kind of funny being that now the Angels minor league affiliate broadcasts on KCAA.

Now, I’m finding out that one of KCAA’s weekend hosts is going to come over to KLAA (don’t confuse the 2, I know, it’s hard to tell) and have a show. His name is Kevin Trudeau. Yes, that’s right, the “Natural Cures” book infomercial guy is coming to KLAA 830. Kevin has some pretty good opinions on politics and world events and I agree with him about 80-90% of the time. However, he has been in jail for fraud and has been barred by the FTC to sell products using infomercials. John Stossel, one of my favorite reporters, has criticized him heavily for his use of “scare tactics” to get people to buy his book and hate their doctors.

As I had said, I listened to Kevin’s show on KCAA and I don’t have any problems with it thus far, except for some of the natural remedies talk that creeps me out. I do believe that traditional medical care can save lives and to completely write it off would be a mistake, but natural remedies do also have their place and can fill the gaps of traditional medicine. Am I going to follow Kevin Trudeau’s advice to the T because of Arte Moreno’s addition of this show? Probably not. Will I listen to Kevin Trudeau’s show? Probably yes. He recommends one of my heroes, Michael Savage and seems to share a lot of my views. He also works wth other talkers I respect, like Dr. Bob Marshall. I just hope he’s not a 9-11 conspiracy theorist.

Kevin’s show airs on KLAA AM 830 Saturdays 10pm-1am. I’ll just have to wait and see if there is an infomercial disclaimer before it because Kevin’s show is listed under “Brokered Programming” on Wikipedia.


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