No Beltre is no championship, or is No Beltre the path to a championship?

This is the question of the century for Angels fans, and it will be hard. There are rumors that Beltre has signed with Texas for $96 million. But, this may be a good thing. Beltre was into steriods, he declined afterwards and now only plays well when his contract is up to be renewed. An alternative school of thought believes that his Dodgers stats will be replicated in Anaheim and that the stadium this past year hurt him. I would be fine either way, but without Beltre we may be able to get the SUPERFREAK, Vlad Guerrero back and that would be great. But, in terms of quality Vlad is .300 average, 29 home runs, 115 rbi and Beltre is Avg, .321, 28 homers, 102 rbi. Therrfore, they are quite similar but Beltre is a 3rd baseman and we need that (obviously).

But, for heaven’s sake, please sign ONE of them, PLEASE ARTE!!!!!!


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