Greyson in his School Newspaper talking baseball offseason

A lot of high-level players were up for free agency this year in-cluding Derek Jeter, Cliff Lee, Jayson Werth, Carl Crawford and Adrian Beltre. Jeter signed with the Yankees, as expected for 3 years and $51 million.
Cliff Lee, in an unexpected turn of events, signed with the Phillies over the Rangers. Werth set the precedent for the market with a $126 million dollar contract with the Nationals, and that led to in-flated prices all offseason.
In terms of LA teams, the An-gels were most impacted and spent the least with 2 signings totaling $23 million, while the Dodgers re-signed 3 of their own players and signed 5 mostly B-level free agents totaling $57 mil-lion. The Angels were going after Carl Crawford to fill the void in
the outfield, but he wound up signing with the Red Sox for 7 years and $142 million, which may be a result of Werth’s con-tract. Same deal with Adrian Bel-tre, he signed for 6 years, $96M to the Angels division rivals, the Rangers which may benefit the Angels based upon his perfor-mance in long-term deals.
Comparing the 2010 stats of same position players on the An-gels and Dodgers signings, the Angels got a better middle reliev-er in Scott Downs, with a 2.64 ERA and 26 holds then the Dodgers with Matt Guerrier’s 3.17 and 23.
The Dodgers did fare better with starting pitcher Jon Garland, however Takahashi of the Angels was intended to be middle relief and only an occasional starter.
Right now, there are few rumors on the Dodgers side, but for the Angels the prospect of bringing back Vladimir Guerrero or wait-ing until next season to get Albert Pujols is a big topic of conversation. Someone, save my Angels!!! For the first time in my life, I’m jealous of all you Dodger fans! Do I sound biased?


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