The Reason for Angels Spring Training TV and radio issues

Spring Training radio and TV have had outages numerous times this preseason. This is bound to happen due to Sun Outages.

Sun Outages occur when a satellite feed’s radio frequency is disturbed by the radiation of the sun. This is normal and occurs during Spring and Fall. All 30 MLB teams’ media connectivity providers (such as Skyview and Level 3 in the Angels case) use C or Ku band satellite feeds as the primary delivery method for their game audio and video. Typically, if the feed becomes unusable for beyond a few minutes, an alternate delivery channel, such as ISDN for radio or Internet streaming for both TV and radio will be used. This is avoided due to the fact that the quality is less than with satellite, but the slight decrease in quality justifies its use over missing a critical play.

This interference can also occur on consumer satellite TV systems as as shown below.


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