My school newspaper column: WisCairoBya-Are they all related?

This is old but I just got the PDF:
Over the past month, we have seen anti-government uprisings throughout the Middle East, including Egypt and Libya and a protest over public employee pay cuts in Wisconsin that has sent politics in that state to a standstill. The protests in Egypt have cooled down, as Hosni Mubarak (the former president and recipient of most of the protesters’ frustration) has stepped down. It is a completely different story in Libya. President Khadaffi refuses to step down and is using military force to keep the protests down. In Wisconsin, no agreement has been reached between the teachers and public employees and the legislature that is attempting to make budget cuts to their pay. The situation is intensified by the fact that many legislators have left the state capitol to express that they do not support the cuts. Though many see these as mere coincidences, there may be connections between the uprisings that bring into question the validity of these protests. Many have cited the Muslim Brother-hood, which has close ties to American political organizations such as Code Pink. Code Pink and its allies in the public employee unions (IE the Service Employees International Union, or SEIU) have been responsible for organ-izing the Wisconsin political upheaval. A global destabilization operation has also been an idea at the tip of the tongues of many, citing the impacts on gas prices and oil companies that stand to profit from such increases due to the Libyan protests. There are undeniably hostile dictators in the Middle East but those that believe that destabilization is occurring say that the Muslim Sharia law-based government that will occur may be far worse for them and for US national security. As for WI, there is a definite need to make cuts as the state is incurring a deficit.


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