Libya war begins: Is it worth it?

In Libya, the US is going in and enforcing a no fly zone. The reasons, according to the government, are humanitarian in nature and are to help the people of Libya. Make no mistake about it: Khadaffi is en evil dictator. He should have been gone long ago. But should we get involved? And more importantly, how did we get involved? Was it constitutional. The answer is NO. Obama single handedly approved US forces entering Libya. Congress is the only group that has power to start war according to the constitution. Is it right that Obama ignore the constitution, again? No. Could there be alterior motives, such as oil interests and foreign policy that benefits major corporations? Absolutely. Do we have the money for this? Absolutely not.

The question here is can we help them. Yes and no. If our military operated the way it did years and years before I was even an idea, this would be a resounding yes. Last time we got into a war, did we do what we aimed to do? No, we just gave tons of money out for nothing. If we had an integritous government and a military that does not play by rules designed to prolong war, I would be fully for this. Maybe we are doing the right thing and Obama will prove me wrong this time, but check with Congress first, please?


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