Punk Band Prophets of Rage Furthers Anti-Political Message

Fed up with politics as usual? Want a change from the normal options for candidates? Do you seek a leader with hard-driving, energetic performances that is unafraid to speak his mind? Forget about Make America Great Again, it’s time to Make America Rage Again, or so says Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine.


He was sick and tired of the poser politicians getting a “Rage Against The Machine” label slapped on them by the media so he decided to form a new band with members of Rage as well as Cypress Hill and Public Enemy. The band will headline a concert just outside of the Republican National Convention. But don’t expect this to be a straight-up liberal counter-punch protest to the politics of Trump and the like; the band doesn’t even want to tell you what party or candidate their members are supporting. (3) In fact, they aim to put less emphasis on electioneering than they do on making change in our own communities and in our own lives, regardless of who gets elected to the White House. (2, 3, 10) Tom Morello stated that “Whether you vote or not it’s best to fight for the world you want to see and not wait for any politician.” (1, grammatical and spelling corrections made) Boom!


The energy building for a new punk rock movement is something I have spoken about for some time and I have held out hope that this movement will realize that the only way to prevent control by a machine, by a powerful elite, is to reclaim power into our own hands and not create some new bureaucracy that just will ultimately serve the interests of a select few, but make our own decisions that add up to significant social change.


I wrote an article back in 2012 that concluded with the words “If only Tom Morello knew that the government was the machine he was trying to rage against.” (4) Although we are not there today, I see it getting closer and closer. Morello and the Prophets of Rage are nowhere near being a Tea Party group just yet and i actually think that’s a good thing because it helps them to maintain their outsider status and helps them to stay closer to the public and besides it’s never going to happen anyway so maybe I should just give my hopes up on that part.


But bringing the two together, If you take a closer look at most of the issues that muddy up contemporary politics, you will notice that there is an origin within society and culture that if corrected at that level would prevent the entire thing from reaching government and becoming a political punching bag where nobody cares about doing the right thing, just about doing what scores points, and we can also keep it out of the hands of crony capitalist elites that just want to make money at taxpayers’ expense. We solve both the big government and corruption issues that conservatives point out and the social justice concerns that liberals have brought back to the forefront at the same time. I really appreciate that there appears to be this shift from a government-dominated, election-centric approach toward one that is more about putting the people in control because that is exactly what we need


We’re seeing tremendous advances in the areas of corporate social responsibility, locally controlled institutions, people supporting each other and doing the right thing on the spot, cultural and artistic transformation that points people toward doing good in their communities, and even, most importantly in my opinion, spiritual transformation to promote enduring change, exemplified by artists like Switchfoot and even pro skateboarders like the legendary Christian Hosoi who considers who considers practicing his faith while still being a sponsored skater to be the new parallel with punk rock. (5)


Though I may not endorse everything the Prophets of Rage do, and I’m certain the Prophets of Rage don’t endorse everything I do, I do believe this movement and some of the newer rhetoric that we’re seeing coming out of it is emblematic of a tremendous opportunity to create change, especially among young people. We are seeing 41% of young voters registering no party preference, pollsters are identifying political confusion and a turn against traditional institutions, a turn against the establishment, and at the same time we are seeing a growing interest in politics to serve the community with an increase in voter registration, and we have studies showing that millennials decide based on issues rather than candidates’ apparent leadership characteristics in making their decisions. (6, 8, 9) However, this force is sadly just being wasted with support for unsustainable, ineffective so-called democratic socialism. 25% of young voters say they would vote for a socialist candidate and I don’t blame them for wanting social change but this is just the wrong approach. (7) Millennials do still prefer capitalism over socialism by 10 points though that figure is lower than other age groups, evidencing this paradigm shift and confusion I spoke about earlier. (6)


The key to resolving this, as Morello has implied and I shall take just a bit further, is to use our collective strength to push our way out of the divisive quicksand of election politics in our efforts to make social change, pull ourself out of the racial and cultural denigration, that is ever prevalent and doing nothing good for anyone, even those who promulgate it, and use the same guns we use to sling mud to lay a foundation, build bridges, and build each other up. Just like it occasionally takes a good rock song to get me to move weight in the gym, some Prophets of Rage might be just what we need to move from politics into action. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the mire, don’t let yourself get twisted.


Freedom-oriented rebel rousers unite! Let’s seize this opportunity to show how a free society with truly conscious citizens can truly destroy centrally planned machines that keep us down. Show ‘em how it’s done and let’s make a true movement for the people by initiating change ourselves in our businesses, our communities, and our own lives. That is true punk rock and as Tom Morello stated (about Prophets of Rage), it’s overdue. (11)


Take the first step toward a movement that is truly citizen-controlled, check out my website at RepublicanSocialJustice.org. Subscribe here and to my social media linked in the description below. My name is Greyson Peltier with RepublicanSocialJustice.org.

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Disclaimer: Greyson Peltier is an independent commentator not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the parties or organizations mentioned herein. The opinions expressed are solely his own and do not necessarily reflect those of any third parties mentioned.



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