5 reasons why Rob Dyrdek should be Hillary Clinton’s VP choice

This is the first article on Greyson Peltier’s new site, The Daily Flip (DailyFlip.News), delivering news from politics, culture, music, and sports, all from the perspective of individual and community empowerment. We add humor for taste.

Rumor has it that Hillary is down to just 3 potential VP candidates, but I’d like to add another to the mix. Here are five reasons why professional skateboarder and entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek is her best choice.

1. He shares major characteristics of his professional biography with Trump, filling gaps in Hillary’s
Rob Dyrdek provides an answer to the constant retorts from conservatives that Hillary doesn’t create jobs, hasn’t run a business, doesn’t understand what it’s like to, etc. Mr. Dyrdek is the founder of Dyrdek Enterprises, a global company with its hands (by way of endorsement, affiliation, or other partnerships) in almost as many industries as Trump, from shoes to sports leagues to burritos to debit cards to Dude Wipes. Even religion is not safe from Dyrdek, an ordained minister, which can appeal to evangelicals, and particularly evangelical skaters. He espouses his business philosophy of Make Your Own Luck the same way Trump discusses the Art of the Deal, without a scummy “university.” He is also a highly regarded reality TV show personality, occupying a substantial portion of MTV’s airtime with his shows Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness. He has never filed bankruptcy and I am confident that, if ever created, Dyrdek Steaks will be Meaty and Beefy. (Meaning they will like eating Dyrdek Steaks, not the disgusting misinterpretation of this statement.)
2. Dyrdek is radical…but not that way
The other side may have radical policies on illegal immigration and hard rhetoric, but Rob brings hardflips and radical skating, not to mention other significant athletic feats. This is not to be discounted as Professor Andreas Schedler (not Sheckler, LOL) in the journal Party Politics described participation in “sports associated with elitism, individualism and high risk” as key to showing “pre-political..strength and courage” in a candidate expressing an anti-political-establishment perspective  – the opposite of Hillary but exactly what voters seem to be in the mood for this election cycle.
3. He will bring back Bernie Sanders voters.
Speaking of radical, we all know that Sanders’ democratic socialism attracted young voters. Hillary will have some struggles with getting a portion of these voters to turn out for her in November, and more importantly, to be enthusiastic supporters who will volunteer for her. However, young people will be enthusiastic about Dyrdek, as many proudly wear “Dyrdek’s Company” (RIP) shoes and clothes daily.
4. His personal story is compelling and identifies with voters.
Rob is a classic American success story. He came from humble beginnings in Kettering, OH (swing state – hint), followed his athletic passion when it was not the most acceptable thing, when teams rejected him he started his own – the Wild Grinders – in classic entrepreneurial spirit, one that would lead him out of the broken education system, dropping out of high school and dropping into being a star athlete and a self-taught man who has channeled his knowledge into success and service throughout his life.
5. He is a Democratic supporter with political involvement.
Mr. Dyrdek has managed to successfully lobby the Los Angeles City Council for a day named after him – DYRDEK Day (short for “Did you really do everything kind?”). He has also lobbied numerous city councils for public skateparks, highly valued recreation resources for their communities that bring disenfranchised young people together. FEC filings show that Dyrdek gave $1,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2012, showing his support for the party (he did not make any donations to Republicans as far as my research could find).

Bonus: skateboarding and Hillary’s foreign policy expertise can work together with skate diplomacy. Skate diplomacy has been used to further U.S. interests in Cuba, the Netherlands, Brazil, and more to come under vice president Dyrdek.

(Note: the author is a Republican commentator and recovering Tea Party activist who is willing to help the GOP defeat the plan he has so marvelously created. Campaigns that shall remain nameless, please call 657-206-0736, hold through this music, and Greyson will be right with you.)

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