About Greyson

Greyson Peltier is the 16 year old founder (who started this site at 12) of The Greyson Nation Online and a political and sports analyst headquartered in the Los Angeles, CA area. He is a self-professed expert in finance, business, politics, sports and much more. His political opinions are conservative, and he enjoys listening to talk radio. He is known for blending aspects his numerous areas of knowledge into a single commentary on air to keep audiences of all ages entertained and informed.

On Greyson’s weekly radio show, The Greyson Nation, he provides a level of analysis and correlation of the day’s news unlike any other personality. He sees a massive societal problem of complacency, inaction and lack of disciplined awareness combined with an over-reliance on emotionally compelled decision-making perpetuated by the constant need to shock and belittle the public as a major factor in the problems we are facing. He discusses topics ranging from sports to government to entertainment, all with a focus on delivering content that other outlets are too scared or just don’t want to provide. To Greyson, what is understood by the masses should be used to discuss what is important to them. This is exemplified by his numerous sports analogies, including his baseball-themed “playbook to win the game for America” to be released soon.

This page is under construction.

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