Pope Francis Challenges Sacred-Secular Line

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Why we lost and how to fix it (part 1)

Yes, Obama won again but you do not need to and should not lose your sanity or belief in the ability to solve our nation’s problems because of that.

When I got up Wednesday morning, as usual, I had a large heap of political email waiting for me on my BlackBerry, but what was unusual was the quantity of negative, defeated and scared remarks from fellow Romney supporters. Yes, everyone has their theory as to why Romney lost. Minorities want Obama period, Romney’s out of touch, America is now a liberal nation, voting machines were hacked, facts were concealed and even multiple people saying that God is cursing America.

With all of this discussion I believe that there is one BIG reason why Romney and quite frankly, conservatives in general (if you can call him one) lose nowadays. That reason is the economy. What, dude? Conservatives are the economic big kahuna! Yes, they are, but votes are easily cast by those who don’t see that anymore.

I heard a radio host say today that we have a lot less center right voters. That’s true, but why? Due to economic distress we are in fight or flight mode as a nation, looking for ways to survive, NOT (unfortunately) grow or do anything else for that matter. This state of mind naturally creates a succeptibility to government dependence which is the antithesis of conservatism.

We need to remember that the center right guy (or gal) is not as ideologically entrenched as most of us in the Tea Party are and form their opinions based upon what they see in their life.  They, at one point, were making a decent income and saw it dissipate quickly due to taxes. They cared about personal freedom and those of them who were in business for themselves experienced the adverse effect of regulation. This experience led them to the right.

Now here comes the storm. Those middle income jobs and local businesses got wiped out. Government came to the rescue with unemployment, food stamps, cash aid welfare, Medicaid and the like. These people desired a way out. They worked hard, pushed and fought for every job. Some went the way of Dick Harper in “Fun with Dick and Jane” and threw 5 gallon water dispenser bottles down the stairs at every other interview, looking to use speed as their edge over others seeking work. Well, maybe not that. They still fight to this day, to no avail. They understand the national debt and the serious losses of personal freedom caused by big government, at least to some degree, but to them all that matters is the need to hold on for dear life.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan come to the forefront for Republicans and seeing the big picture know that cuts need to be made to create permanent opportunity for those in need. Those cuts would have to come from things they need right now or in the near future to survive, like welfare, Social Security and Medicare. The thoughts of our voter are depicting someone letting go of the rope they hang on to every day. They think Romney and Ryan don’t care because they are cold, hard people with too much cold, hard cash. Using crisis logic, they opt for Obama who will hold onto their rope for a long time (or so he says). It’s not stupidity, it’s not a permanent change of ideology, it’s a change of circumstance. This is what swayed quite a few votes on Election Day. This issue was the tipping point for key states and demographic groups, but other very significant and perhaps quite correctable contributory factors robbed from our lead as well. Take away some of those and we might be talking a little Romney-Biden today.

The dependence of the electorate is something that was built in by those in power to help themselves stay in power. Unfortunately, there is no amount of rhetoric that can significantly change the internal dialogue of our people. But fortunately there is a way to start building a means of preventing this scenario from ever replaying and there are other problems that can be resolved that more easily to get us started on recovery while we are waiting for the big solutions to be done.

The way we fix the big problem is by showing the people the ability of the free market to perform tasks that government has taken over. We need to show them that citizens and not tyrannical leaders can hold that rope and get them in the chopper and take them home. A man who has been labeled a master of heartless layoffs does not engender that kind of trust, so candidate choice definitely played a very big role, but that’s not the whole problem or the whole solution.

We correct this issue by stopping empowering those who make the free market look like a dud and promoting those who make it look like a champ in the areas of social responsibility and promotion of all around better outcomes for our communities. This is partially done by creating and obtaining analyses of the business practices and ethics of companies we do business with and making rational and responsible decisions based upon that data.  Additionally we need to prove the capacity of a free people to take care of its own sans the government. There are a few simple techniques that can be used to further the common good that promote the free market and liberty without government intervention as well as modifications to traditional approaches that can be strengthened. Just simply helping others in your own community in the best way you can is always a good starting point. Remember, the more the people take care of each other without initiatory force of government the less susceptible we are to tyranny. This is because people whose needs are fulfilled do not need government support and thus have no reason to tolerate the encumberances on freedom created by government. Studies show that people do not turn to the government as a first line of support when in need; it is a move made out of absolute necessity that I believe can be reduced to just that and not an everyday part of life.

No, this is not stuff that can be fixed overnight, or even over a few months. It will take years and the fact that we have to prove the ability of the free market on a playing field made uneven by years of over and improper regulation will make it particularly challenging, but I believe in America enough to know that this will happen if appropriate action is taken.

By showing the people that the free market is a better alternative that can provide for the social needs of the middle class and not just the ego needs of the rich then we can win over more people. It’s like when a sports team is talking about dumping a very expensive player and letting him go into free agency. That player (big government) is sucking money out of the team in excess and has dismal performance but the other players (free market capitalism) are unproven due to minimal playing time (regulations and excessive taxation eat up the free market’s ability to get into the game) and are bashed by the media. If when we get to play we don’t show our best, the expensive, not-that-good player will stay. We are getting less playing time than ever, but let’s not use that as an excuse. Let’s do our best with the time we do have, whatever that may be. If you can’t do anything right now, that’s fine. When you can, refer to the information I will provide in part 3 of this series, but for now, let’s do some of the easier tasks (yes, the propaganda and “ground game” modifications everyone’s been talking about but never really explains) and get around to the big tasks when you are ready.

Part 2 is coming next week and it will show you how to get the key demographics engaged and smiling every time a conservative message is presented and also how to deal with possible election cheating in a non-tin foil hat-worthy way.