5 reasons why Rob Dyrdek should be Hillary Clinton’s VP choice

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Rumor has it that Hillary is down to just 3 potential VP candidates, but I’d like to add another to the mix. Here are five reasons why professional skateboarder and entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek is her best choice.

1. He shares major characteristics of his professional biography with Trump, filling gaps in Hillary’s
Rob Dyrdek provides an answer to the constant retorts from conservatives that Hillary doesn’t create jobs, hasn’t run a business, doesn’t understand what it’s like to, etc. Mr. Dyrdek is the founder of Dyrdek Enterprises, a global company with its hands (by way of endorsement, affiliation, or other partnerships) in almost as many industries as Trump, from shoes to sports leagues to burritos to debit cards to Dude Wipes. Even religion is not safe from Dyrdek, an ordained minister, which can appeal to evangelicals, and particularly evangelical skaters. He espouses his business philosophy of Make Your Own Luck the same way Trump discusses the Art of the Deal, without a scummy “university.” He is also a highly regarded reality TV show personality, occupying a substantial portion of MTV’s airtime with his shows Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness. He has never filed bankruptcy and I am confident that, if ever created, Dyrdek Steaks will be Meaty and Beefy. (Meaning they will like eating Dyrdek Steaks, not the disgusting misinterpretation of this statement.)
2. Dyrdek is radical…but not that way
The other side may have radical policies on illegal immigration and hard rhetoric, but Rob brings hardflips and radical skating, not to mention other significant athletic feats. This is not to be discounted as Professor Andreas Schedler (not Sheckler, LOL) in the journal Party Politics described participation in “sports associated with elitism, individualism and high risk” as key to showing “pre-political..strength and courage” in a candidate expressing an anti-political-establishment perspective  – the opposite of Hillary but exactly what voters seem to be in the mood for this election cycle.
3. He will bring back Bernie Sanders voters.
Speaking of radical, we all know that Sanders’ democratic socialism attracted young voters. Hillary will have some struggles with getting a portion of these voters to turn out for her in November, and more importantly, to be enthusiastic supporters who will volunteer for her. However, young people will be enthusiastic about Dyrdek, as many proudly wear “Dyrdek’s Company” (RIP) shoes and clothes daily.
4. His personal story is compelling and identifies with voters.
Rob is a classic American success story. He came from humble beginnings in Kettering, OH (swing state – hint), followed his athletic passion when it was not the most acceptable thing, when teams rejected him he started his own – the Wild Grinders – in classic entrepreneurial spirit, one that would lead him out of the broken education system, dropping out of high school and dropping into being a star athlete and a self-taught man who has channeled his knowledge into success and service throughout his life.
5. He is a Democratic supporter with political involvement.
Mr. Dyrdek has managed to successfully lobby the Los Angeles City Council for a day named after him – DYRDEK Day (short for “Did you really do everything kind?”). He has also lobbied numerous city councils for public skateparks, highly valued recreation resources for their communities that bring disenfranchised young people together. FEC filings show that Dyrdek gave $1,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2012, showing his support for the party (he did not make any donations to Republicans as far as my research could find).

Bonus: skateboarding and Hillary’s foreign policy expertise can work together with skate diplomacy. Skate diplomacy has been used to further U.S. interests in Cuba, the Netherlands, Brazil, and more to come under vice president Dyrdek.

(Note: the author is a Republican commentator and recovering Tea Party activist who is willing to help the GOP defeat the plan he has so marvelously created. Campaigns that shall remain nameless, please call 657-206-0736, hold through this music, and Greyson will be right with you.)

Punk Band Prophets of Rage Furthers Anti-Political Message

Fed up with politics as usual? Want a change from the normal options for candidates? Do you seek a leader with hard-driving, energetic performances that is unafraid to speak his mind? Forget about Make America Great Again, it’s time to Make America Rage Again, or so says Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine.


He was sick and tired of the poser politicians getting a “Rage Against The Machine” label slapped on them by the media so he decided to form a new band with members of Rage as well as Cypress Hill and Public Enemy. The band will headline a concert just outside of the Republican National Convention. But don’t expect this to be a straight-up liberal counter-punch protest to the politics of Trump and the like; the band doesn’t even want to tell you what party or candidate their members are supporting. (3) In fact, they aim to put less emphasis on electioneering than they do on making change in our own communities and in our own lives, regardless of who gets elected to the White House. (2, 3, 10) Tom Morello stated that “Whether you vote or not it’s best to fight for the world you want to see and not wait for any politician.” (1, grammatical and spelling corrections made) Boom!


The energy building for a new punk rock movement is something I have spoken about for some time and I have held out hope that this movement will realize that the only way to prevent control by a machine, by a powerful elite, is to reclaim power into our own hands and not create some new bureaucracy that just will ultimately serve the interests of a select few, but make our own decisions that add up to significant social change.


I wrote an article back in 2012 that concluded with the words “If only Tom Morello knew that the government was the machine he was trying to rage against.” (4) Although we are not there today, I see it getting closer and closer. Morello and the Prophets of Rage are nowhere near being a Tea Party group just yet and i actually think that’s a good thing because it helps them to maintain their outsider status and helps them to stay closer to the public and besides it’s never going to happen anyway so maybe I should just give my hopes up on that part.


But bringing the two together, If you take a closer look at most of the issues that muddy up contemporary politics, you will notice that there is an origin within society and culture that if corrected at that level would prevent the entire thing from reaching government and becoming a political punching bag where nobody cares about doing the right thing, just about doing what scores points, and we can also keep it out of the hands of crony capitalist elites that just want to make money at taxpayers’ expense. We solve both the big government and corruption issues that conservatives point out and the social justice concerns that liberals have brought back to the forefront at the same time. I really appreciate that there appears to be this shift from a government-dominated, election-centric approach toward one that is more about putting the people in control because that is exactly what we need


We’re seeing tremendous advances in the areas of corporate social responsibility, locally controlled institutions, people supporting each other and doing the right thing on the spot, cultural and artistic transformation that points people toward doing good in their communities, and even, most importantly in my opinion, spiritual transformation to promote enduring change, exemplified by artists like Switchfoot and even pro skateboarders like the legendary Christian Hosoi who considers who considers practicing his faith while still being a sponsored skater to be the new parallel with punk rock. (5)


Though I may not endorse everything the Prophets of Rage do, and I’m certain the Prophets of Rage don’t endorse everything I do, I do believe this movement and some of the newer rhetoric that we’re seeing coming out of it is emblematic of a tremendous opportunity to create change, especially among young people. We are seeing 41% of young voters registering no party preference, pollsters are identifying political confusion and a turn against traditional institutions, a turn against the establishment, and at the same time we are seeing a growing interest in politics to serve the community with an increase in voter registration, and we have studies showing that millennials decide based on issues rather than candidates’ apparent leadership characteristics in making their decisions. (6, 8, 9) However, this force is sadly just being wasted with support for unsustainable, ineffective so-called democratic socialism. 25% of young voters say they would vote for a socialist candidate and I don’t blame them for wanting social change but this is just the wrong approach. (7) Millennials do still prefer capitalism over socialism by 10 points though that figure is lower than other age groups, evidencing this paradigm shift and confusion I spoke about earlier. (6)


The key to resolving this, as Morello has implied and I shall take just a bit further, is to use our collective strength to push our way out of the divisive quicksand of election politics in our efforts to make social change, pull ourself out of the racial and cultural denigration, that is ever prevalent and doing nothing good for anyone, even those who promulgate it, and use the same guns we use to sling mud to lay a foundation, build bridges, and build each other up. Just like it occasionally takes a good rock song to get me to move weight in the gym, some Prophets of Rage might be just what we need to move from politics into action. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the mire, don’t let yourself get twisted.


Freedom-oriented rebel rousers unite! Let’s seize this opportunity to show how a free society with truly conscious citizens can truly destroy centrally planned machines that keep us down. Show ‘em how it’s done and let’s make a true movement for the people by initiating change ourselves in our businesses, our communities, and our own lives. That is true punk rock and as Tom Morello stated (about Prophets of Rage), it’s overdue. (11)


Take the first step toward a movement that is truly citizen-controlled, check out my website at RepublicanSocialJustice.org. Subscribe here and to my social media linked in the description below. My name is Greyson Peltier with RepublicanSocialJustice.org.

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Disclaimer: Greyson Peltier is an independent commentator not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the parties or organizations mentioned herein. The opinions expressed are solely his own and do not necessarily reflect those of any third parties mentioned.



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Helping homeless people using tax refunds

This is the first part of a series of articles related to helping the homeless in more ways than just sticking cash out your car window. This work was inspired by a post on my Alpha Beta Gamma colleague Ngan Hoang’s blog The-Ideaz.com.

It’s almost tax time again and though this time of year often conjures up feelings of fear and anguish over finding and assembling paperwork as well as additional pain for those who owe the IRS, I think this can be a time of great hope for some people that are owed refunds and may not even know it. As an accounting student and a volunteer tax preparer, I know that tax refunds even for those with limited income can be hundreds of dollars, which can make a big difference. I once encountered a person on the street who told me she was panhandling to be able to save up for an apartment security deposit, as she was living in a campground at the time. She was employed but that money was not enough.

I don’t think I realized it at the time but she was likely a prime candidate for a tax credit called the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). I have seen returns with only about $700 in income from work garner about $200 in credit, money that can go a long way for someone in need.  The only problem is getting the money to them.

My Plan:

1. Marketing: Flyers with other helpful info will have free tax prep info on them. My own personal sample is coming soon.

2. Free Tax Prep: This is already provided by the IRS by students like me under a program called VITA.

3. Getting the refund to the taxpayer: Homeless people often receive mail “general delivery,” meaning they pick it up at the post office just using photo ID. I am working to determine the procedure for this in my local South Orange County, CA area. USPS phone reps have given me unreliable information, so I have taken the following steps.

3a. Attempt 1: Mail to Greyson Peltier, General Delivery, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656-9999 – Failed, Aliso Viejo post office says letters go to Laguna Beach. Gave up there because I got busy.

3b. Attempt 2: Mail to Greyson Peltier, General Delivery, Laguna Hills, CA 92654-9999 – Laguna Hills is close by and has a full post office. Some websites said this post office did general delivery. They did not and told me my mail was in Laguna Beach. I took the trip to Laguna Beach and it was not there. I allowed more than enough time, per the nice postal worker. This proves that you should NEVER send a tax check, or anything at all, general delivery to a post office without actually trying it out with a “dummy” letter. Postal worker said to address any general delivery to Laguna Beach, not any other city without a general delivery post office as it might not work as claimed.

3c. Attempt 3: Certified Mail (tracking #) and regular piece to Greyson Peltier, General Delivery, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 (per postal worker). Will update soon! Also considering trying Mission Viejo post office. I am going to ask someone there before I try sending anything to be safe. Check back in about a week.






Note: no content herein shall constitute an endorsement, express or implied by me or by anyone mentioned in the article. All views expressed are strictly my own unless explicitly stated. For entertainment and educational purposes only. I do not provide professional advice of any sort in this article. Seek a qualified tax adviser for your tax situation.

Musical Discord Abounds

When one thinks about music in the context of politics the following things come to mind: artists who are in love with Obama and those that send cease and desist letters to candidates they don’t like (in spite of their payment of royalties through blanket agreements). The differing playlists of Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney may come to mind as well.

Now, who do you think uttered these words “We can rip apart the socialists and all their damn taxes” or these “The reason why every day is not a holiday is because the government they steal your pay. It’s a dream but it’s already over.”? That’s got to be some Tea Party jingle band. No, it’s not. The first one was from Passion Pit’s song Take A Walk and the second was from Slightly Stoopid’s Top of The World, 2 songs that often play on the radio alongside bands that back Occupy.

This alone should show us that the logical concepts of limited government and limited taxation have finally reached the depths of liberal entrenchment. If the one group of people who tend to be the most liberal are now publicly opposing the philosophies of liberalism then I have no doubt that we are winning the war. Now I may be completely wrong. These guys may not really be conservatives, but this is still a sign of good things to come.

But there is an anti-freedom voice from the music industry that can really hurt us. Remember SOPA, the internet kill switch bill? It might be making a comeback with the Trans Pacific Partnership. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the treaty would eliminate the fair use exception to copyright law (which allows educational and critique use of copyrighted material without a license) and forces carriers to shut off internet access for those who allegedly have infringed copyrights. The treaty would also force carriers to block access to websites that may be infringing on copyrights. To the best of my knowledge, there would be no trial of right of appeal prior to the censorship. Furthermore, unlike most laws, treaties are not subject to the constitution and thus are the law of the land upon ratification regardless of content.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, I believe copyright owners should be able to protect their interests, but pre-emptive censorship does not help anybody, the entertainment business included. If I was part of the organization making these rules, this is what I would propose. First off, carriers should not knowingly participate in copyright infringement. Period. Anyone who knowingly infringes copyrights should pay penalties. This being said, they should not be in the copyright policing business. The right solution is to allow for copyright citations that work just like traffic tickets. Here’s how it works: the copyright owner finds the infringement, contacts the carrier, who is obligated to either mail a notice of infringement provided by the owner (the carrier is allowed to charge a nominal fee to recoup costs) or provide the address of their customer or their registered agent (businesses use registered agents so they don’t get embarrassed by being served with legal papers in front of customers, any internet user, business or individual may use a registered agent for their notices as long as it is on file with their internet provider). The notice is a paper filed with the copyright court that would be established in the judicial district where the alleged infringer lives or does business, it has instructions to schedule a trial date or pay a bail amount, just like a traffic fine. The amount is set by the person alleging infringement but if the amount exceeds $10,000 (small claims limit), the case will be transferred to a regular court and the person must be served under standard rules. If one chooses to pay the bail amount, they must sign a form saying that they have ceased infringement and they must either provide evidence of such or a statement (under oath) explaining the method used to stop the infringement (ie. uninstalling software, deleting a file etc.)

The copyright court would be a court that has an expedited process for small copyright claims along with virtual appearance options, making the cost significantly lower than regular court. Just like your driver’s license with traffic tickets, if you keep on infringing on copyrights (as proven by the court or by your own admission), your Internet access may be ordered suspended. But this can only be done by a judge or jury, not just based upon complaints.

But what about offshore sites? We’ve got those handled too. They would receive a notice through their US peering carrier (the one that carries information from overseas to your ISP) and repetitive infringement and/or non-appearances in court mean service suspensions for them. An important thing to note is that a lot of infringement occurs on peer to peer file sharing sites and the people that post the files on these sites may be in the US. By going after the ones posting the content you could essentially get rid of these sites.

Everybody’s happy. Freedom advocates know their rights are protected by due process and the performers get compensated for any damages they encounter. I think that this solution should be put on the table as a middle ground during negotiations about copyright law.

Now if only Tom Morello would realize that the government is the machine he really is looking to rage against.

Copyright 2012 Greyson C. Peltier

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Obama infrastructure spending alternative proposed http://ping.fm/VEmfU

CBO: Health Care and Tax Increase revenue projections false #tcot #tpp http://ping.fm/CyaJc

How to REALLY help the little guy

Many people feel compelled to help the little guy for religious reasons or just to be a good person. If you are one of these people, great. We need a LOT more people like you in this world. But with any good thing comes the occasional pitfall. As you go about doing good, you feel bad for the people you are helping and feel like you just need to do anything to help. It sticks in your mind. Again, there is nothing wrong with this.

When something does go wrong is when you enter into the uncaring, unfriendly, dark world called politics. You look around and you see an individual that you think is a lot like you. He or she is saying that they are fighting for the middle class and poor in America. They think it’s unfair that the other folks want to prop up the rich when people are crying and dying. You come to the aid of this person. They get into office and keep saying the same things but no big results come. The results that do come are minimal and short lived. Even some of the expert stats say that it’s getting a little better. The person comes back and says that “the 1%” is giving them trouble.

This sounds perfectly reasonable, but remember that in the political world nothing is what it seems. Dark becomes light and light becomes dark in this surreal place. Something just feels wrong but you don’t want to talk to the other guys because you still think they are evil. Later on, you find out that the person you trusted and gave your time and money to has been working to give the poor people fund to the same 1%. In fact, they put a group of completely unaccountable people in charge of the whole economy. Where do you go? What do you do?

I am going to show you the path no one has shown you much of yet. What happened when you trusted that person? You gave them consent to control the system that was supposed to be used to help people. The power of consent is yours, not theirs. What if you had used the power of consent to give that power to yourself and your fellow community members? What if by keeping the power in your hands, its size will be larger than if the middleman took it into his hands?

Money for doing good does not come from nowhere. It comes from other people (read: You and I) and by degrading our existing money by printing more. And don’t forget, in order to use this money you thought was free from the government, you have to spend on campaigns, lobbyists and spend your time away from the end goal studying the processes that most be followed to attain the capital. All for money that is going to have to be paid back by you but spent in a way you may not necessarily approve of. These deviations from what you are trying to accomplish is what I call the “legislative middleman commission.”

You can reverse this trend and multiply your effort without the commission subtracted. Just go back and look at the other guys’ option. If their option gives you control, does not impose complicated regulations, and most importantly, does not separate you and others around you from their money through inflation or tax increases, that is what you need to roll with.

After this is done, a lot more can be done. The processes of using your regained power and money to oust nefarious interests are far too complicated to be described in this article, but I will be releasing a comprehensive playbook on how to do this and more very soon.

Bottom line is that you need to avoid using legislative middlemen and realize that your power is better the closer is is to you. Then and only then will you attain favorable results in your activism.

Copyright 2012 Greyson C. Peltier