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How to REALLY help the little guy

Many people feel compelled to help the little guy for religious reasons or just to be a good person. If you are one of these people, great. We need a LOT more people like you in this world. But with any good thing comes the occasional pitfall. As you go about doing good, you feel bad for the people you are helping and feel like you just need to do anything to help. It sticks in your mind. Again, there is nothing wrong with this.

When something does go wrong is when you enter into the uncaring, unfriendly, dark world called politics. You look around and you see an individual that you think is a lot like you. He or she is saying that they are fighting for the middle class and poor in America. They think it’s unfair that the other folks want to prop up the rich when people are crying and dying. You come to the aid of this person. They get into office and keep saying the same things but no big results come. The results that do come are minimal and short lived. Even some of the expert stats say that it’s getting a little better. The person comes back and says that “the 1%” is giving them trouble.

This sounds perfectly reasonable, but remember that in the political world nothing is what it seems. Dark becomes light and light becomes dark in this surreal place. Something just feels wrong but you don’t want to talk to the other guys because you still think they are evil. Later on, you find out that the person you trusted and gave your time and money to has been working to give the poor people fund to the same 1%. In fact, they put a group of completely unaccountable people in charge of the whole economy. Where do you go? What do you do?

I am going to show you the path no one has shown you much of yet. What happened when you trusted that person? You gave them consent to control the system that was supposed to be used to help people. The power of consent is yours, not theirs. What if you had used the power of consent to give that power to yourself and your fellow community members? What if by keeping the power in your hands, its size will be larger than if the middleman took it into his hands?

Money for doing good does not come from nowhere. It comes from other people (read: You and I) and by degrading our existing money by printing more. And don’t forget, in order to use this money you thought was free from the government, you have to spend on campaigns, lobbyists and spend your time away from the end goal studying the processes that most be followed to attain the capital. All for money that is going to have to be paid back by you but spent in a way you may not necessarily approve of. These deviations from what you are trying to accomplish is what I call the “legislative middleman commission.”

You can reverse this trend and multiply your effort without the commission subtracted. Just go back and look at the other guys’ option. If their option gives you control, does not impose complicated regulations, and most importantly, does not separate you and others around you from their money through inflation or tax increases, that is what you need to roll with.

After this is done, a lot more can be done. The processes of using your regained power and money to oust nefarious interests are far too complicated to be described in this article, but I will be releasing a comprehensive playbook on how to do this and more very soon.

Bottom line is that you need to avoid using legislative middlemen and realize that your power is better the closer is is to you. Then and only then will you attain favorable results in your activism.

Copyright 2012 Greyson C. Peltier

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